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High Level Conference on New Challenges in the European Disability Strategy 10-20


The Conference will focus on the European Disability Strategy (2010-2020), as this document sets out the possible thematic areas for actions linked to the implementation of the UNCRPD.


In this context, the Conference will also provide the opportunity to examine the national implementation of the UNCRPD. The Conference will bring together all key stakeholders, including especially, the relevant representatives of the civil society. By the time of this Conference, the Disability High Level Group prepares the Annual Report whose main conclusions will also be shared. The outcome of the Conference will feed into the planned Council Conclusions to be adopted by the EPSCO in June.


City: Budapest (Hungary) 
Address: Novotel Budapest Centrum, Hungary 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 43-45.
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(tag Europa) 14/04/2011
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